USO Themed Shows

USO Themed Shows

Our USO theme show is an inspiring and fun musical tribute to the U.S.A. and it’s armed forces. NRG’s patriotic show celebrates the American Dream, featuring nostalgic music and costumes from the 1940’s to present day. Our USO theme party is unique and upbeat, and is perfect for classic venues like the USS Midway, Miramar Air Base, or the Air And Space Museum.

Hear the Music of American Legends

Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Neil Diamond, and James Brown are just a few of the stars that feature in our USO Shows. You and your guests will enjoy an evening of classic and contemporary American songs that helped define an era.

Enjoy the Costumes

One of the most fun things about our USO-themed party is the costumes! Pin curl hairstyles, military uniforms, polka dots, fedoras, and red lipstick will get your guests in the mood for the evening.

Try Out Some Classic Dance Moves

From  Lindy Hop to Hip-Hop your crowd will have a blast moving along to a fantastic list of tunes and will easily pick up some of the main moves while watching our professional entertainers.

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